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Grace Hospital Grace Hospital
300 Booth Drive
Winnipeg, MB R3J 3M7
Inquiry/Find a Patient Phone: 204-837-0111
Emergency Inquiry line: 204-837-0157
Human Resources Phone: 204-837-0391
Fax: 204-837-0545
Job Information Line: 204-837-0391
Health Records Phone: 204-837-0166
Fax: 204-889-4795
Patient Relations Phone: 204-837-0318
Public Relations

Phone: 204-837-0488

Volunteer Resources Phone: 204-837-0368
Phone: 204-837-0369
Foundation For donations or inquiries:
Phone: 204-837-0375
Fax: 204-837-0587
Web Page Inquiries E-mail:
WRHA Virtual Library Telephone: 204-789-3836
WRHA Virtual Library
School of Nursing Transcripts Please download and print this form.
Telephone: 204-837-0388
Spiritual Care

Phone: 204-837-0105
Fax: 204-831-0029

The Grace Hospice Phone: 204-837-0763